's Village Funds

Mission statement:

The village fund is made up of voluntary financial contributions by homestay guests. This money is used to assist the village community in projects that the elders have already nominated or identified. It is made up of two parts:

  1. A village fund that will be used to assist the villagers improve infrastructure requirements such as electricity, building developments, community halls, schools, equipment etc. These projects will always benefit the entire village.
  2. A village fund that will be used for micro-financing of small cottage industries in the village. These might include mat making, establishing a small roadside shop, fishing equipment etc. The beneficiary of the financing pays no interest but is morally obligated to repay the money to the fund when he or she can afford to. Micro-financing to any individual cannot exceed F$500.

The village fund is maintained and administered by the matagali in the village. The matagali decide which projects will be supported by the village fund and will also, through discussion, decide who to support through micro-financing.

If guests wish to make a contribution to the village fund they can let their host know and he will arrange for them to meet with the matagali to discuss which of the village funds nominated above the guests would like to assist in. Alternatively, if guests wish to remain anonymous, they can attach the money to the village fund slip in their room and give it to the host.

A notice about the village fund is carried in all guest rooms.

Many guests are now assisting villages through active participation in village activities such as maintenance of electricity generation, building projects or assistance in schools.

We have established on-line forums dedicated to assisting guests communicate with each other over collaborative efforts related to these village funds. (Please ignore the annoying ads - helps to keep this service free).