Thank you Vicki for sharing these photos and captions of your Malevu homestays with us

Sugarcane – Toye cuts some to chew for a treat: his yam plot is behind. Toye is regarded as an excellent gardener – and he ensured that I tried their 3 staples – breadfruit, cassava and yam

Fish – there is no refrigeration, so a good catch will be shared around. Fresh fish is great!!

Free range dinner – fried eggs are common, and excitement is when the young men run down a chook for Chicken Tonight.

Lovo – Toye and his daughter remove the vegetables for my last night feast: only lovo leftovers may be used next day.

The lovo feast was unique:
eating on the floor (which is swept within an inch of its life several times a day).
the clan eating together (some of whom I’d never seen before).
a number of women arrived with offerings for the table – then disappeared.

Breadfruit – Toye and his daughter harvest some outside my guesthouse: the plop of falling fruit goes on all night – and could do one a mischief!

Some village trivia:

Each night, the village drum sounds:

  1. At 7pm – the family should be at prayer
  2. At 9pm – school children should be in bed

“Some Tea?” – a call to anyone walking past. Tea is generally taken weak, and with several spoons of sugar.

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