Galoa, which means "black swan" is pronounced Ngaloa - with the emphasis on the "n". It is one of the remotest places on earh and, by far the remotest of any of our village homestay destinations. With this in mind it is better that people who have health problems do not go to the village. It is located just off the north coast of the long sprawling island of Vanua Levu, Fiji's second biggest island. But what a village.. what an adventure - a village straight out of Robinson Crusoe!

The island itself is just a couple of kilometres long and a few hundred metres wide - from the village you can see the sun rise and set over the Pacific Ocean.

Your hosts are Disele and Benioni Turaga, prominent members of the community. Disele is Sala Rakusa's daughter - it was Sala who first contacted us regarding this amazing Fijian village. Because of time constraints we had to go the long way (travelling at night) - getting a boat from Suva to Savu Savu. The boat took six hours to get there, and then we caught a four wheel drive taxi for a two hour trek across Vanua Levu to the remote town of Lekutu which has a shop, Police Station, Post Office and about two houses. By the tim we got to Lekutu it was 2am but, thanks to a clear night and full moon, we were able to take the local boat down the Lekutu river for the twenty minute trip to the sea and across a small strip of water that separated the tiny island of Galoa from the main island.

There is a much quicker and less expensive way to go to the village of Galoa during your holidays in Fiji... as you will see at this link.

Activities include: feeding the sharks, line fishing, traditional spearfish hunting, shell collecting, octopus catching and snorkelling

Your host

Mrs Disele Turaga

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