The following activities are offered to guests staying at the village:

The Galoa village tour:

On your arrival at Galoa your hostess Disele Turaga, who speaks excellent English, will take you to the chief's house where you will be the guests of honour at a traditional "sevu sevu" welcoming ceremony. We suggest homestay guests to Galoa get one kilo of kava (costing about F$20 to F$30) before arrival - you can get the kava in Letoka or Nadi. This kava is presented to the village Chief at the sevu sevu - the Chief then gives you the "keys" to the village. In effect you have the Chief's blessing and have the honour of becoming a member of the village.

Image right: Sunrise over Galoa

Afterwards you will be taken around the village of Galoa and introduced to villagers, shown the school, the gardens and the Churches.

The tour will take you along the beautiful and sometimes rugged coastline bordering Galoa. During the tour you will pass the famous and historic Galoa burial ground. The burial ground is now overgrown by bushes in a spot near the sea.

Image right: Indian fishermen travel all the way up from Nadi to fish off Galoa

During the tour Diseli will also take you along some magnificent beaches where you can swim, go exploring coral reefs or collect some lovely shells normally only found in shell shops during your holidays in Fiji. (You never find shells like this on beaches near hotels).

Time: about 45 minutes

Free to guests.


Just go walking along the village paths and explore the island - you can't get lost, its too small!

Images below - some views...

The beach at low tide

A beautiful island sunrise

Islands everywhere

Click to see the face

Famous "Monkey face" on
Vanua Levu

Feeding the sharks

The waters around Galoa are full of schools of fish - and with the fish come sharks.

First you go out with the villagers and catch fish on a line which you either keep, or

feed these fish to sharks - an exciting experience for the adventurous.

Cost: F$45 per person


Get on a boat and spend the day snorkeling on a tiny nearby island - with unspoilt coral reefs- the experience out there in the Galoa Passage with your own personal guide is a unique experience.

Image right: The tiny island off Galoa where it is safe to snorkel

Cost: F$30 per person

Traditional Octopus Catching

Tema, your guide, is an accomplished octopus hunter. On this adventure hunting octopi you will lose all those unwarranted fears you once had of octopus. Octopus hide in small caves in shallow rocky reefs off Galoa - Tema, who has been catching octopi since childhood knows all the best spots.

There is no snorkelling or swimming required - simply walk out on the reef at low tide with Tema and watch as she, first, prods small caves in the rock. When there is an octopus in that cave it rushes out and Tema immediately goes into action catching the octopus behind the head and literally squeezing her hand into the hollow and turning its head inside out - immediately killing the octopus. She catches quite big octopus in this manner.

The octopi hunt with the villagers, is a fantastic experience and one that you will never forget - don't forget to take your camera!

Cost F$15 per person.

Spend a day in a Fijian Classroom

The Galoa school would be delighted to have qualified or teachers in training to join her and her class for the day.

Image right: Kids at Galoa school in 2005


All food eaten at Galoa is either caught off the reef or grown in the village.

Other activities include: traditional basket and mat making etc..