The only way practical to get to Galoa is from Lautoka (north or Nadi) or Suva.

Your booking is made through our travel agents in Nadi once your accommodation has been booked.

Departure from Viti Levu (cost F$45 per person):

Departures from Nadi side:
The bus leaves Lautoka on Monday and Thursday at 4am and travel north to Ellington. At 7am you take the boat to Nabouwalu on Vanua Levu (a four hour journey).

Departures from Suva side:
The bus leaves Suva on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 5am - travel north to Natovi. At 7am you take the boat to Nabouwalu on Vanua Levu (a four hour journey).

Image right: Your host meets you at the shop in Lekutu where the white vehicle is parked.

A bus collects you from the wharf at Nabouwalu and takes you to Lambasa - but you disembark long before at a tiny town called Lekutu (about one and a half hours drive)

You arrive at Lekutu at about 1pm. The booking made by our travel agents costs just F$50 per person for this part of the trip of your holidays in Fiji.

At Lekutu you wil be met by our hosts who will then take you by boat to the island of Galoa - a thirty minute boat ride down the Lekutu river, across a small stretch of sea to the island of Galoa. Here you will have a sit down lunch to celebrate your arrival.

The cost of the local boat is F$30 (each way) for your group.

Click on the image in the map below for satelite image of Galoa's perfect location

Returns to Viti Levu (cost F$45 per person):

The bus leaves Lekutu on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8am - travel to Nabouwalu - take the boat to Natovi on Viti Levu (a four hour journey).

Bus gets back to Suva at about 5.30pm

The mangroves lining the
Lekutu river

Crossing the small
stretch of sea

The tiny island of Galoa