The Korovisilou village tour:

On your arrival at Korovisilou Suliasa Susu, who speaks excellent English, will take you to the community hall where you will be the guests of honour at a traditional "sevu sevu" welcoming ceremony. We suggest homestay guests going to Korovisilou get one kilo of kava (costing about F$20 to F$30) before arrival - the shop at Korovisilou sells kava. This kava is presented to the village Chief at the sevu sevu - the Chief then gives you the "keys" to the village. In effect you have the Chief's blessing and have the honour of becoming a member of the village. After the sevu sevu Suliasa will introduce you to villagers, show you the school, the community hall and the village green.

There is a large school at Korovisilou with rugby and volley ball fields. Other facilities include a small health centre.

Time: about 1.5 hours

Free to guests.

The extended village tour:

After taking you through the sevu sevu and the village tour Saliusa will take you to the famous Waidroka Beach where you can surf or dive. Waidroka Beach is about 15 minutes by car from the village of Korovisilou.

Image right: the road to Waidroka Bay and great surfing

Time: about 2.5 hours.

Cost (including transport): F$15 per person

The horse ride to the waterfall:

The horse ride on modern saddles to the beautiful inland waterfall takes about an hour. Once you arrive at the waterfall relax below the 30 metre high falls and just watch the water or go and swim in the icy cool waters in the large pool below the falls during your Fiji holidays.

After a couple of hours (Fiji time) your guides will take you back to the village on the horses.

Time: about 4 hours.

Cost F$25 per person

Image right: the Fijian bili-bili made from bamboo - sturdier than it looks

The bili-bili ride to the sea

Catch a billie-billie ride from Korovisilou to the sea - a 15 minute ride down the river. At the beach you can go for long walks along beautiful beaches.

Time: about 2 hours.

Cost F$15 per person


The coastline off Waidroka, Frigates Reef, is known for its beautiful waves (ideal for surfers). If you have your own surfing or diving gear and a PADI License and you are looking for inexpensive accommodation then the village of Korovisilou is the answer.

Image right: the beautiful views on the road to Waidroka Bay

The costs of transport from Korovisilou to the Waidroka Bay are normally F$15 one way but, for homestay guests, Susu will take you from his village to the beach and then return later to collect you for a fraction of the price during your holidays in Fiji. Cost of return taxi ride for Korovisilou village homestay guests only F$10 per group (up to eight people).

Apart from Frigates Reef there are several other local surfing reefs including, Resort's left, Pipe, Black Rock, Mata Point, Serua Rights and Vunaniu. Hiring a boat to the reefs vary from just F$20 to F$45 - more about hiring a boat and the surfing reefs at Waidroka Bay at this link.

Image right: you can hire boats from the small resort at Waidroka to take you out to the surf beyond the reef (about 300m)

Spend a day in a Fijian Classroom

Lavinia is a school teacher at the school in Korovisilou and would be delighted to have qualified or teachers in training to join her and her class for the day.

Image right: The classroom at Korovisilou


Other activities include:

scuba diving, traditional basket and mat making etc..