Korovisilou is on the main road between Sigatoka and Navua, it is just minutes away from the famous Waidroka surfing beach near Serua Island - home of the provincial chief..

All major coach companies offer inexpensive transfers (as low as F$13) from Nadi to the Warwick so your travel costs to Korovisilou, if travelling alone, can be minimal during your holidays in Fiji. Alternatively (if you are brave) you can catch a local bus which costs about F$8 per person from Nadi to Korovisilou. If there is a group of up to five we recommend Simon's taxi which seats eight.

Image right: Simon packing his modern and comfortable taxi van.

Click on the image in the map below for satelite image of Korovisilou's perfect location

If you are finding your own way to Korovisilou click on the image below to see your host's location on the main road to Suva. Their house has recently been painted blue.

See the map for location of Korovisilou on Viti Levu