Korovisilou ("Koro" the village; "visilou" the noises of the bird") is a lovely village stradling the Queen's Highway between Suva and Sigatoka. There are buses passing the village on a regular basis. Korovisilou is just six kilometers from the famous Waidroka (pronounced Waindroka) surf at Frigates Reef. This spectacular surf, extremely popular with surfers, breaks about 200 metres off the coastline - where the sea hits the protective wall of the Coral Coast.

Your hosts, Suliasi Susu and his wife Lavinia (pictured below), are prominent members of the community. Suliasi (known as "Susu") is a taxi driver and regular member of the Fijian army. His skills as a bomb disposal engineer has taken him to the Lebanon and Israel where he has disarmed many bombs in houses. Susu is well known in Fiji for his bravery and awards - something you will have to work hard to extract from him during your Fiji holidays.

Activities include: surfing, billie-billie riding, horse riding, walks and deep sea diving

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