Lead up to the project

An intrepid group from FijiBure.com and
Round Square (teachers) took on
the challenge of rebuilding the
school library at Namuamua
This is their story in pictures


Library before the upgrade

Main image

the sun tries to break through the morning mist over Namuamua
on Good Friday (10th April 2009)

Background singing - Namuamua Choir (copyright FijiBure.com)

4th April 2009

Travelling to Namuamua

5th April 2009

Church and Planning

6th April 2009

Culling of Books

7th April 2009

Repainting of Library Begins

8th April 2009

Prawns, Books & Painting

9th April 2009

Categorising Books

10th April 2009

River Trip and Books

11th April 2009

Hand Over & Festivities

12th April 2009

Church and Farewells

[Travelling to Namuamua] [Church and Planning] [Culling of Books] [Repainting of Library Begins] [Prawns, Books & Painting] [Categorising Books]
[River Trip and Books] [Hand Over & Festivities] [Church and Farewells