The following activities are offered to guests staying at the village:

The village tour:

On your arrival at Malevu your host, Toye, who speaks excellent English, will take you to the community hall where you will be the guests of honour at a traditional "sevu sevu" welcoming ceremony. We suggest homestay guests to Malevu get one kilo of kava (costing about F$20 to F$30) before arrival - the shop at Malevu sells kava (but it is cheaper in Nadi). This kava is presented to the village Chief or mataqali at the sevu sevu - the Chief then gives you the "keys" to the village. In effect you have the Chief's blessing and have the honour of becoming a member of the village. After the sevu sevu Toye will introduce you to villagers, show you the school, the community hall and the village green.

Time: about 1.5 hours

Free to guests.

Trek to Vaturua Cave and the top of Vaturua mountain:

If you want to go on easy island walks check out Matacawalevu.

This trek including the breakfast option listed below is automatically included in the packaged tour - details at this link.

Image right: the amazing Vaturua Cave hidden by a curtain of tree roots

The trek to the cave and back takes about 2 hours - the cave was used by the US Army for about a month. Masi, the owner of the house you will stay in, was at Malevu when the Americans came. She was just 12 (she is 73 now) when they stayed in 1942 and often took drinks up to them. The position of the cave near the top of Vaturua mountain was ideal for watching out for Japanese warships.

There is a small cement plaque in the cave - signed in 1978 by a few of the soldiers who returned. Extraordinarily, the entrance to the cave has been blocked off by the roots of a massive tree growing above the cave. Toye has cut a small path through the roots into the cave - inhabited by large flocks of beautiful moths only found in this large cave. Guests who stay at Malevu who take this unique trek will be able to sign a book kept at Vaturua cave - recording their successful climb up the mountain during their holidays in Fiji.   

Cost F$15 per person (you need to be of above average fitness to complete this climb).

Alternatively you can organise to visit the cave then continue up the mountain for breakfast (you will need an early morning start to appreciate the view of the sun rising from the east). At the top (with beautiful views up and down the Yasawa Islands and Viti Levu between Lautoka and Ba (on clear days) you will be able to relax while Toye serves up biscuits and hot tea (bottled water will also be available).

Image right: Your guide Toye on top of the world on Naviti Island

This extended trek takes about 3 hours..

Cost F$20 per person with or without breakfast.
(NOTE: you need to be of above average fitness and not afraid of heights to complete this climb as there are some steep rocky areas). You take this trek at your own risk. (I am nearly 50 and had no problems making it up to the top of Vaturua mountain.)

Many more photos and story of the climb up Vaturua Cave and Vaturua Mountain at this link

Snorkeling off the east coast of Naviti Island:

The snorkeling at Malevu is exceptional. There are miles and miles of reefs to go and visit in some of the most beautiful settings in the world. You will need to bring your own snorkeling gear with you. You can snorkel around the seven tiny magic islands - just a few minutes by boat.

You can either go off and explore for free or, for a small fee, have a guide and/or watch the spearfishermen spear fish in the coral gorges below you.

Cost F$15 per person for three hours with a guide to show you the best spots/watch spear fishing - otherwise for free.

Island beach picnics - sunrise and sunset:

Let your host know if you would like to enjoy a traditional Fijian meal as the sun rises or sun sets and Toye will organise this magical event for you. The picnic takes place on a beautiful secluded spot on the beach known by us as Honeymooner's Beach - with the sun rise being our recommended option.

Cost F$15 per person (includes a ten minute boat ride to a beautiful secluded spot on the island).

Traditional Octopus Catching

Litiana, your host's wife, is an accomplished octopus hunter. On this adventure hunting octopi you will lose all those unwarranted fears you once had of octopus. Octopus hide in small caves in shallow rocky reefs off Malevu - Litiana, who has been catching octopi since childhood knows all the best spots.

Image right: An octopus caught and killed in traditional fashion

There is no snorkelling or swimming required - simply walk out on the reef at low tide with Litiana and watch as she, first, prods small caves in the rock. When there is an octopus in that cave it rushes out and Litiana immediately goes into action catching the octopus behind the head and literally squeezing her hand into the hollow and turning its head inside out - immediately killing the octopus. She catches quite big octopus in this manner.

The octopi hunt with Litiana, who speaks good English, is a fantastic experience and one that you will never forget - don't forget to take your camera!

Cost F$15 per person.

Island walks:

You can take a walk up and down the hills that dominate the small island of Naviti - but be careful some of the walks can take you up steep cliffs. These walks can also take you to neighbouring villages and beautiful isolated beaches where you can just lie back and relax without anyone there to disturb you.

This is Fiji at its best - and its free!

Visit the local school:

The school is about 15 minutes walk along the beach at the neighbouring village of Marou. It boasts a secondary and primary school and has about 200 students.

If you are a school teacher you can sit in on a class for the day and see how education works "Fiji style".

There is no cost to join a class. Donations of books, note pads, pens and paper are always welcomed.