Nadrau is on the Nadrau plateau inland of Lautoka.

The trip by road is in two stages. A F$60 and 75 minute taxi ride from Nadi through Lautoka and the village of Nailaga Ba (the home of the Paramount Chief of Ba Province) takes you to the inland village of Tavua. From this point you need to catch a lorry to Nadrau as the "roads" are in such poor condition that a normal car cannot make it. The cost of the lorry which can carry up to ten adults is F$70 each way. This leg of the (bumpy trip) takes between two and two and a half hours. (Go to the toilet before leaving for Tavua!)

We can organise the taxi pick up to Tavua town from anywhere on Viti Levu, and will need to organise the lorry on your behalf for the final leg of the journey during your holidays in Fiji

Click on the image in the map below for satelite image of Nadrau's perfect location

The travel cost each way to Nadrau  from Nadi is F$130.

Alternatively you can catch a local bus from Nadi to Lautoka and then from Lautoka to Tavua for about F$5. You will still need to get a lorry for the trip to Nadrau.

Images below the amazing scenic trip to Nadrau:

The town of Tavua

The picking up point - in the car
park behind the markets

Mount Victoria from Tavua town

On the road

up to the Nadrau Plateau - your

host and his four wheel drive

Sunset over Nadi

The source of the Sigatoka river

The road to Nadrau

Traces of an old volcano

The junction on the plateau

Just minutes from Nadrau

The view over Nadrau

Looking down

onto the village

The spot Thomas Baker was

See the map for location of Nadrau on Viti Levu