Nadrau (literally meaning  hundreds of dialects) gets its name from its historic past. It is the point where the Fijian people started their great trek across Viti Levu from First Landing near Nadi to the coastal region now known as the Coral Coast. Your host at Nadrau is the district's Paramount Chief, Ratu Lemeki Natadria, a well-respected man and a direct descendant from the first Chief. Nadrau is pronounced "Nandrau".

Image left: Paramount Chief Ratu Lemeki Natadria

NOTE: Large groups of up to 40 people trekking across Viti Levu can be accommodated

The inland village is very large with hundreds of houses and nearly 1,000 villagers - an ideal destination for your holidays in Fiji. As the name suggests the people there speak many Fijian dialects. For tourists who enjoy bush walks this is the ultimate Fijian adventure!

 Activities include: the seven day historic trek across Viti Levu.

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