The following activities are offered to guests staying at the village:

The Naiseuseu village tour:

On your arrival at Naiseuseu Veni (Ben) Ame, who speaks excellent English, will take you to the community hall where you will be the guests of honour at a traditional "sevu sevu" welcoming ceremony. We suggest homestay guests to Naiseuseu get one kilo of kava (costing about F$20 to F$30) before arrival - the shop at Naiseuseu sells kava. This kava is presented to the village Chief at the sevu sevu - the Chief then gives you the "keys" to the village during your Fiji holidays. In effect you have the Chief's blessing and have the honour of becoming a member of the village. After the sevu sevu Ben will introduce you to villagers, show you the school, the community hall and the village green.

Time: about 1.5 hours

Free to guests.

Traditional Wild Pig Hunting:

The villagers of Naiseuseu go wild pig hunting - pig being an important source of food.

For a small charge you can join the villagers and their dogs and participate in the medieval sport of pig hunting - a traditional activity referred to in that famous book "The Lord of the Flies". The villagers round up their dogs and armed only with spears embark on the hunt through the bush - when a pig is cornered by the dogs it is then killed with the spears.

This is not an activity for the weak at heart.

Cost F$15 per person (no person under 18).

Deep sea diving with Ben:

Your activities manager, Ben, is an experienced deep sea diver who can stay under water for up to five minutes. He goes up to forty feet deep and spears fish.

He has speared a 20 foot shark off the waters of Beqa Island.

Tourists can join him in a boat ride to the outer reef and watch as he dives, swims with the sharks and catches fish over a period of several hours.

This is an unforgettable experience for tourists who want to watch a highly skilled traditional deep sea diver in action.

The costs are F$45 per person - this includes the F$20 costs for the boat ride.

If you would like to go surfing - we suggest that you check out Korovisilou

Scuba diving

There are several scuba dive operators at Pacific Harbour on the mainland and Marlin Bay Resort just a short walk away. The operators charge for the hire of their gear and the use of their boats - but for the keen scuba diver Naiseuseu offers you an inexpensive base.

Island walks:

You can take a walk up and down the hills that dominate the small island of Beqa. These walks take you to neighbouring villages and beautiful isolated beaches where you can just lie back and relax without anyone there to disturb you.