Naiseuseu is located on Beqa Island.

All major coach companies offer inexpensive transfers (as low as F$13) from Nadi to the Warwick. You will need to catch a taxi from the Warwick to Navua Town if you take this option .Alternatively you can catch a local bus which costs about F$10 per person from Nadi to Navua Town.

Image right: Simon packing his modern and comfortable eight seater taxi van.

We recommend that you get Simon to pick you up from your hotel or the airport - it might be more expensive but the personal attention and he will be able to brief you on Naiseuseu. (Simon rowed a small boat from Navua when he was young - it took him six hours!)

Email us for costs on taxi travel.

The second stage of your journey takes you from Navua Town to Naiseuseu on Beqa Island. (Take this link for a mud map on how to get to the jetty at Navua Town). The 10km trip on the local ferry takes about an hour and costs just F$30 per person return. (ie F$15 each way). Marika, the pilot of the boat, is the most experienced ferry driver on Beqa having driven his ferry across this stretch of sea to the mainland every day, without incident, for 30 years!

Marika is also very careful - the boat belongs to him and he will never take any risks! His distinctively orange, new boat, seen on the right, can take even the roughest seas - so don't worry you have the best Captain in the business! (The swells can be quite large between Beqa and Viti Levu).

The boat leaves Navua Town for Naiseuseu each day (EXCEPT SUNDAY) after 2pm depending on the tide (it can leave as late as 3pm - but be there by two). Your host at Naiseuseu, Bill, will be there to meet you when you arrive at the jetty at Navua. NOTE the swells encountered in the sea on the trip over are NOT for the faint hearted!

Click on the image in the map below for satelite image of Naiseuseu's perfect location

The ferry leaves Naiseuseu each day (EXCEPT SUNDAY) between 7am to 8am for Navua Town. Check with Marika on the trip across what time he would like you to be ready on the date you leave Naiseuseu - again tide dependent..

The images below were taken on the trip to Beqa Island


See the map for location of Beqa Island