Naiseuseu (literally meaning the dust kicked up when someone runs away quickly) is a beautiful and secluded village on Beqa Island.

Beqa Island:

Beqa Island, covering 36sq km, is 7.5km south of Navua Town - a 260m deep marine passage separating it from mainland Viti Levu. The island was formed five million years ago in a volcanic eruption - its formation resulting in 70km of barrier reef that provides great great snorkeling and diving. The island's higest altitude is 480m above sea level. There are nine small villages on the island.

Your Hosts at the village of Naiseuseu:

Your host is Viliame Soko (Bill) and activities manager Veni Ame (Ben) - images below. Bill has a very nice house in Naiseuseu and worked in New Zealand for many years. Ben looks more like a rugby player than a diver - he is strong and big and can stay under the sea diving to forty feet for up to five minutes. He does not use scuba gear himself but will take divers to all his favourite haunts for just a fraction of the cost of diving elsewhere in Fiji.

The beachside village is very small with just 26 houses and about 150 villagers. The people there are directly related to another village just over the Beqa Hill behind them. For tourists who enjoy diving or Robinson Crusoe type walks in a beautiful setting this is the break you have been looking for!

Activities include: scuba diving (you can hire gear at Pacific Harbour), walks, fishing and pig hunting.

Your hosts and guides

Your host - Bill

Activities Manager - Ben

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