NOTE: The following activities are only offered to guests staying with our hosts at the village:

The historic Cave adventure; Village tour; Snorkeling; Horse riding; Coral Coast day tour; Pig hunting; Waterfall adventure; Octopus hunting; Traditional cooking; Fishing eytc... more below on some of the most popular activities.

The Namatakula village tour:

For everyone regardless of age or fitness.

On your arrival at Namatakula your activity manager Borro Batibasaga or Rosa, who both speaks excellent English, will take you to the community hall where you will be the guests of honour at a traditional "sevu sevu" welcoming ceremony. We suggest homestay guests to Namatakula get one kilo of kava (costing about F$20 to F$30) before arrival - you can get kava at most major centres - Sigitoka (on route to Namatakula from Nadi) is the best option. This kava is presented to the village Chief at the sevu sevu - the Chief then gives you the "keys" to the village. In effect you have the Chief's blessing and have the honour of becoming a member of the village during your Fiji Holidays.

Afterwards Borro will take you around the village of Namatakula and introduce you to villagers, show you the school, the beach, the community hall and the village green. You will also see the grave stones of important village chiefs located just metres away from bures (village houses).

Time: about 30 minutes

Free to guests.

The extended village tour:

For everyone regardless of age or fitness.

At low tide Borro takes you down two kilometers of beautiful coral coastline. You can either go on horseback or by foot. If you go by foot you have the additional benefit of being able to collect an array of shells on a coastline rarely seen by westerners.

Time: about 1 hour.

Cost: F$15 per person

The burial cave - exclusive to village homestay guests

For anyone who is fit and adventurous.

A 20 minute walk down the coastline at low tide takes you to an important part of Namatakula's history.

The burial cave which holds the skeletons of about 100 villagers from Namatakula - dating back to before the mid-1800s.

When in the large cave Borro will tell you the history behind this sacred site where you will see human skeletons and skulls.

The cave has not been used as a burial ground since the time the villagers converted to Christianity and the practice of cannibalism was stopped.

In true Indiana Jones style the access to the burial cave is up a steep slope and access through a narrow and long entrance, so this activity is only for the very fit.

In the past the Fijians had to drag the dead body to the cave using a burning torch to find their way. Once they arrived in the cave already lined with a large number of human skeletons they waited until they heard the spirits clap three times from the spot where the body was to be placed. After placing the body there they left.

Image Right: Borro talks about the old burial ground in the cave above.

Watch a short video on the burial cave

Cost: F$20 per person

The Coral Coast day tour - exclusive to village homestay guests

For everyone regardless of age or fitness.

This popular day tour takes you to the Coral Coast's most beautiful Savunamatelaya  waterfall, a trip to Baravi Handycrafts - one of the largest tourist shops in Fiji, lunch at the village of Naroro, a walk around the famous Taveuni Hill, shopping at Sigatoka and a demonstration of traditional pottery making at Lawai village. As a result you will get to meet many Fijians and many Fijian villages during your holidays in Fiji.

Image right: On the way to the waterfall

Great value for a single person at F$150 (minimum price) or F$80 per person (children half price)

The half day waterfall tour - exclusive to village homestay guests

For everyone regardless of age or fitness (your feet will get wet).

This popular day tour takes you to the Coral Coast's most beautiful Savunamatelaya  waterfall. Here you can enjoy the twenty minute walk through the dense forest filled with flowers and other surprises. Below the waterfall is a large pool in which you can swim and relax.

NOTE your feet WILL get wet as you cross many streams and this activity is not recommended in wet weather.

Image right: On the way to the waterfalls

Kava before the magical walk to the falls

Great value for a single person at F$10 (minimum price) or F$60 per person (children half price)

Take this link for more details and images about this tour.  

Traditional pig hunting:

Only for the fit and adventurous.

A very popular activity for the men is pig hunting.

This day long activity takes you into the bush with a Fijian guide, often on horseback, with a pack of up to ten dogs.

The dogs go ahead and seek out the pigs which are then cornered and killed.

This activity is only for fit and adventurous people.

Image Right: On the hunt


For everyone regardless of age or fitness.

There are some lovely spots for snoorkeling near the village. You can snorkel and swim by yourself or, if you require a guide, the cost is F$15 per person.

Cost F$15 per person (no person under 15).

Horse riding

For the fit and adventurous.

Go bare back horse riding along the Namatakula coast line.

A popular activity with guests.

Cost F$30 per person per morning or afternoon 5 hour session

Traditional Octopus Catching

For everyone regardless of age or fitness.

Your guide is an accomplished octopus hunter. On this adventure hunting octopi you will lose all those unwarranted fears you once had of octopus. Octopus hide in small caves in shallow rocky reefs off Namatakula - Borro, who has been catching octopi since childhood knows all the best spots.

Image right: Borro holds an octopus she caught and killed in the reef off Namatakula

There is no snorkelling or swimming required - simply walk out on the reef at low tide with your guide and watch as she, first, prods small caves in the rock. When there is an octopus in that cave it rushes out and Borro immediately goes into action catching the octopus behind the head and literally squeezing her hand into the hollow and turning its head inside out - immediately killing the octopus. She catches quite big octopus in this manner.

The octopi hunt with your guide is a fantastic experience and one that you will never forget - don't forget to take your camera!

Cost F$25 per person.

Spend a day in a Fijian Classroom

For everyone regardless of age or fitness.

Go and spend a morning as a student in a Fijian classroom, or if you are a qualified teacher join the teacher and her class for the day.

Image right: Judith with her class in 2003


Other activities include: scuba diving, traditional basket and mat making etc..