Namatakula is on the main road between Sigatoka and Navua.

Simon Batibasaga, your host, offers a free transfer to and from Namatakula for tourists staying at the Warwick Hotel or Crusoes during their holidays in Fiji. All major coach companies offer inexpensive transfers (as low as F$13) from Nadi to the Warwick so your travel costs to Namatakula, if travelling alone, can be minimal.

Image right: Simon driving his comfortable taxi van.

Alternatively you can catch a local bus which costs about F$8 per person from Nadi to Namatakula. A photo of the road leading to Simon's home is at this link - the road is just 20 metres on Sigatoka side of the entrance to the school at Namatakula. The bright blue building is his guest house.

If you want Simon to pick you up from a hotel or Nadi, which is outside the immediate area, he will discount his normal taxi fare

Getting there on your own:

If you are catching a bus or other transport to Namatakula it is very easy to find Simon's house and guest house. The bus stops in the village.

The image left was taken from the main road going through the village of Namatakula. The guest house is the bright blue house at the end of the road while Simon's house is on the left just before you get to the guest house. The entrance to Simon's house is on the side nearest to the main road.

The entrance displayed left is on the other side of the road just metres from the entrance to the Ratu Felisi School - which is dominated by a large advertising sign beside the main road.

Click on the image in the map below for satelite image of Namatakula's perfect location

Please note it is considered very rude if you just arrive at the house without first booking through and if the hosts have other guests booked in, which is likely, you will not be able to stay.

See the map for location of Namatakula on Viti Levu