The following activities are offered to guests staying at the village:

The Naroro village tour:

On your arrival Sireli Kurivitu, who speaks excellent English, will take you around the village of Naroro and introduce you to villagers, show you how to get to the Sigatoka river and the historic Tavuni Hill. This tour does not include a guide taking you around Tavuni Hill (see below).

You will also be shown the cultivated lands where kava is harvested.

Naroro is the smallest village offering Fijian Village Homestays with just 150 villagers. The traditional village green which runs about 100 metres is the central focus of the village which is dominated by the historic Tavuni Hill which towers above.

Image Right: The village of Naroro.

Time: about 20 minutes

Free to guests.

The historic Tavuni Hill:

Tavuni Hill is a remarkable and unique historical site. The remains of the old Tongan Village lie on the hill which towers above Naroro. Your host, Sireli, is a direct descendant of the Tongan chief who's remains lie at Tavuni's highest point.

Image right the 2,500 year old killing stone at Tavuni Hill

It is largely because of the historic significance of Tavuni Hill that we have included Naroro into FijiBure.Com.

You can find out more about Tavuni Hill (with plan and images) at this link.

Time: about 1.5 hours.

Cost: F$12 per person

The seven day historic trek across, Fiji's main island, Viti Levu:

Day six and day seven of the trek are based at Naroro.

Costs as per above link.

The Coral Coast day tour - exclusive to village homestay guests

This popular tour in Simon's taxi takes you to the Coral Coast's most beautiful Savunamatelaya  waterfall, a trip to Baravi Handycrafts - one of the largest tourist shops in Fiji, lunch at the village of Naroro, a walk around the famous Taveuni Hill, shopping at Sigatoka and a demonstration of traditional pottery making at Lawai village during your holidays in Fiji. Along the way you will get to meet many Fijians and many Fijian villages.

Image right: Your personal Fijian guide on the way to the Savunamatelaya waterfall

Great value for a single person at F$100 or F$60 per person (children half price)

Take this link for more details and images about this tour.  

Traditional Wild Pig Hunting:

The villagers of Naroro go wild pig hunting - pig being an important source of food.

For a small charge you can join the villagers and their dogs and participate in the medieval sport of pig hunting - a traditional activity referred to in that famous book "The Lord of the Flies". The villagers round up their dogs and armed only with spears embark on the hunt through the bush - when a pig is cornered by the dogs it is then killed with the spears.

This is not an activity for the weak at heart.

Cost F$15 per person (no person under 18).

The Sigatoka River Experience

The Sigatoka river is large, brown and slow moving - but an important part of village life.

There are various activities available to tourists staying at Naroro including swimming, billie billie rafting (a rough flat platform boat made from bamboo pieces strung together) and fishing for fresh water mussels. You should take goggles with you when you are going to fish for mussels.

Image right Sireli on the banks of the Sigatoka river below Naroro

For a packaged tour including all these activities there is a small charge - if you just want to swimming or rafting there is no charge.

Cost F$15 per person for all activities including traditional fishing for fresh water mussels.

Traditional Horseriding

The villagers of Naroro use horses as their main form of transport. For the hardy this can be quite an exciting experience as you are taken on hilly paths and through thick bush while riding on a Fijian Saddle - which is nothing more than a blanket folded over the back of the horse.

We only recommend this activity to competent horse riders who want to experience this traditional form of horse riding.

Cost F$12 per person for two hours