The following activities are offered to guests staying at the village:

The Navutulevu village tour:

On your arrival you will be taken around the village of Navutulevu and be introduced to villagers. You will be shown the historic grave site, beautiful beaches and lagoons, rugby field, shops and church.

The tour will take you along the magnificent beaches where you can swim, go exploring coral reefs or collect some lovely shells normally only found in shell shops. (You never find shells like this on beaches near hotels).

You will also see the Navutulevu Passage - a natural trap for fish and the source of most of the village's food.

Time: about 45 minutes

Free to guests.

The extended village tour:

At low tide you will be taken along two kilometers of beautiful coral coastline. You can either go on horseback or by foot. If you go by foot you have the additional benefit of being able to collect an array of shells on a coastline rarely seen by westerners.

When you arrive at the village of Namatakula you will be greeted by the villagers and invited to have a cup of kava before returning to Navutulevu along the beach.

Time: about 1.5 hours.

Cost: F$15 per person

Traditional Spearfishing (15 years and older):

There are several accomplished spear fishermen at Navutulevu. They catch fish for their family and other villagers each night. The spear fishermen take visitors to Navutulevu on amazing daylight snorkelling adventures where the guest snorkels behind and watch as they hunt fish and chase reef sharks in the water below them. (It would be a good idea to buy snorkels and flippers for your children and bring them with you if you are going to go snorkelling - there are beautiful reefs to explore).

Time: about 1.5 hours

Cost F$15 per person (no person under 15).

Traditional Fish Netting:

Navutulevu is famous for its traditional fish netting technique which has been handed down through many generations - long before the arrival of the white man. You join the the villlagers in the sea along the Navutulevu passage beating the waters with your hands and literaly chase the fish into their large nets.

An amazing experience! You will need to give advance warning as there is preparation required.

Time: about 2 hours

Cost: F$15 per person  

Visit to the Provincial Chief, Ratu Peni Latianara, Serua island:

Image right: On our way to the tiny historic island of Serua seen in the background.

This unique tour taken at low tide starts with a 15 minute taxi ride to the landing for Serua Island. If you are lucky you will find Fijians on the main coastline preparing the trunks of mangrove trees, that abound on the coastline in these parts, for use in building traditional bures (houses).

Remember to wear shorts and shoes that will get wet - because the chief lives on a tiny island a few hundred meters off shore and the only way to get to the island is by foot. You will wade through ankle to knee deep water taking in the beautiful scenery as you go. The island of Serua is the traditional home of the provincial chief of the province of Serua.

When you arrive you will be taken to Ratu Peni's house where you will be officially welcomed before you are invited to participate in a traditional kava ceremony.

Image Right: Ratu (Chief) Peni Latianara, Provincial Chief of Serua

In Fiji the provincial chief is the most important person in that province. He is looked up to by all the Fijians living in his district and all important documents such as native title leases have to bear his signature before being accepted by the Native Land Title Board.

Several members of his family live in Navutulevu and it is for this reason alone that you are, as guests to the village, able to embark on this unique, historic and fascinating cultural experience.  

Time: about 3 hours

Cost: F$30 per person  

Other activities include: scuba diving, traditional basket and mat making etc..