Navutulevu (the place of the old man) is situated centrally between the Warwick Hotel and Crusoes on the main road between Suva and Sigatoka - with buses passing by regularly. Your host is a lovely man, Canieli Savu (Thani), a mataqali (elder), who's father was the village chief.

Several villagers at Navutulevu host tourists in their homes. The village is set on one of the most beautiful strips of coral coastline on Viti Levu. A natural water channel, known as the Navutulevu Passage, creates a natural trap for fish. In this channel you can go snorkelling, or watch traditional spearfishing, but perhaps the activity that Navutulevu is most famous for is its use of tradition fish netting where the villagers catch literally hundreds of fish using nothing more than coconut palm leaves! The village has a rugby field and one of the best rugby teams in Fiji.

Activities include: traditional spearfish hunting and netting, shell collecting, snorkelling and scuba diving

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