December 2008 The Namuamua library project and "Operation Fiji Feet"
June 2007 Newly married couple find bliss in the village of Namuamua
January 2007 2007 year of global expansion
December 2006 The truth about the 2006 Fiji coup
November 2006 - Village Homestays - going global
June 2006 Fiji, Fiji, Fiji - holiday paradise
March 2006 The Busy Season Approaches
February 2006 The Generosity of our clients
December 2005 Welcoming the village of Nukusere to
November 2005 bringing real visible changes to the participating villages
October 2005 Yet another trip to Fiji
August 2005 Resort based tourism in Fiji not sustainable - Tourism Minister Pita Nacuva
July 2005 Forums launched on, new villages added and Intrepid Travel
June 2005 Three new villages join
May 2005 FijiBure continues to light its own fire
April 2005 looks at new directions
March 2005 Expansion in the wind - and on Getaway
February 2005 on Australia's leading television travel program "Getaway"
January 2005 Coming events in 2005
December 2004 Christmas Greetings from
November 2004 guests now get support on the ground from travel consultants at Nadi Airport
October 2004 Responses to our first anniversary
September 2004 "Fiji Flu" hits travellers and Fijians
September 2004 Several villages booked out
August 2004 FijiBure continues to grow and grow and grow... as a new global tourist market evolves.
July 2004 The historic trek across the centre of Fiji's main island, Viti Levu
June 2004 The amazing spirit of the community at Namuamua's after the devastating April 15 flood
May 2004 More villages to join
April 2004 FijiBure's new music CD
March 2004 Five villages now participating in FijiBure.Com
February 2004 Namatakula booked out in March!
January 2004 Our first newsletter!