Welcome to the July 2004 FijiBure.Com newsletter

The good news continues for our hosts continues!

Firstly, thanks to all those on the list who offered financial support to the village of Namuamua which was devastated by the floods in April this year.


We have our first guests embarking on the new walking treks across Viti Levu. The incorporation of the village of Nadrau into FijiBure.com has provided us with a wonderful launch pad. This trek is truley unique and includes a two hour walk to the old cannibal village in the foothills of the Sigatoka river and the shadows of a large hill. The old (deserted) cannibal village still reveals the foundations of the old bures, the killing rock where acts of cannibalism were committed and (uniquely) the pool where the bodies were placed before being prepared for eating. The first stage of the walk takes you through the village of Nabutautau (literally meaning "deep rubbish") where the London Missionary Society's Thomas Baker was murdered then cannibalised in 1867 (click on image right). His crime was to touch the Chief's hair. Since this time the villagers of Nabutautau have believed that they have been cursed and even a visit by Baker's descendants last year has not lifted the curse. Maybe we can help - by meeting and supporting this isolated village just a few hours walk from Nadrau.

This is the first time that tourists have been able to embark on such four to seven day walks with Fijian guides who know the country like the back of their hands. Our unique contact with the Fijians has opened up villages as overnight stops.

I will be returning to Fiji in late October and be taking the seven day trek - let me know if you would like to join our party. (Dates to be confirmed but it will be in the last week of October).


We are honoured to have Australia's premier television travel programme, "Getaway" (Channel 9) visit our hosts at Namatakula this weekend. Our village hosts around Fiji are absolutely delighted with this exposure. We know that that our hosts at Namatakula, Simon and Judith, will leave an indelible mark on yet another group of guests who have had the good fortune to find out the core ingredient of Fiji's popularity as a tourist destination.... the Fijian people. 

On that score we believe that there could be some great exposure from a major British daily newspaper soon.... we would love to welcome people from our mother country into our villages.

Finally it was only weeks ago that I returned from Fiji but my next tripis already booked and this time we will be adding villages from other islands and the province of Tailevu, north of Suva.


Scott Balson