In 1982 a devastating hurricane unleashed a flood down the Navua River and the small village of Nukusere on the banks of the Navua River was washed away.

Luckily the villagers were able to escape and re-establish themselves ten metres above the old village... so while the "singing sands" on the banks of the river no longer can be heard from the bures the name has been kept.

The village of Nukusere is in close proximity to the village of Namuamua - just a few minutes apart by water taxi, so larger groups can be accommodated by sharing between these two villages.

Your host on your Fiji holidays is Sakiusa Naivalu a comparatively wealthy businessman who owns three water taxis that run up and down the Navua River from Navua Town to Namuamua and beyond. Your guide is Arami Bai.

Activities include: bush walking, star gazing, photography and boat adventures up the river

Your host

Sakiusa Naivalu

to find out more about staying at Nukusere click on the image blow.



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Bula - Hello Ni Sa Bula or Bula Vinaka - A warm hello

Andra Vinaka - Good Morning

Kava - traditional narcotic (relaxing) drink)

Nataune ni gunuyaqona - Is it kava time?

Kana - let's eat

Wai - River

Waitui - Sea

Lotu - Church

Tapa - traditional Fijian cloth used to wear at weddings

Tambua - Whale's tooth

No qu Itau - My boyfriend/girlfriend/partner

Mone - Children

Chillow - Excuse me (as you walk past someone seated)

Savica ma ka loko - What's the time now?

Idini cavu - Water taxi

Dunuti  - rapids (on the river)

Au via sisili - I want to swim

Keitou via sisili - We want to swim

Io - yes

Au katakata - I am hot

Vale ni so qo - large community hall (vale - house)

Liuliu ni koro - Chief

Au maru - I'm happy

Au maru vakalevu - I'm very, very happy

Vunde - Dancing

Tavako - Cigarette

Taxi - Taxi

Valelailai - toilet (Small house)

Savu - waterfall

Dredre (pronounced drendre) - smile (for the camera)

Laugh - Veiwali

Kere Kere - Please

Vinaka - Thank You

Vinaka Vakelevu - Thank you very much

Au vine kati iko - I like you(iko)

Vinaka na... kana/kava/sisili - Thank you for the.... food/kava/swim etc...

Kedere rawa ni lako vata - Would you like to join me

Ni Sa Moce - See you again (respectfully)

Moce (name of person) au salako - Goodbye XXX I have to go

Iko sa rawa ni lako - Could you go now

Namuamua - where two rivers meet