It is recommended that you book well in advance (at least a month or two) ahead of time. The total amount due will be based on the number of days you wish to stay. It is important to note that there is a limit of ten visitors to Nukusere at any time so we cannot guarantee that there will be places available at the time you are travelling to Fiji if you have not booked. There is a deposit payable to secure your Fiji holidays booking at a village.

The initial communication leading up to a firm booking will be made via email on this web site ( by completing the on-line enquiry form. Payment for accommodation is made to your host, Sakiusa, at Navua Town before getting on the water taxi.  

Accommodation and food costs:

Image right: the beds are comfy despite the simple look.

The costs of accommodation, inclusive of meals, at Nukusere are well below budget costs at recognised hotels - namely F$80 per adult per day and F$40 per day for children under 13 years of age. (eg a family of four with two adults is just F$240 per day inclusive of all meals, washing and (where applicable) baby sitting). There is a non-refundable, upfront booking fee.

Please note F$1 is worth about 55 cents (US) an international currency converter is available at this link


Basic - thongs, shorts, t-shirts, open necked shirts, traditional Fijian dress, sarong, be modest while in the village area. Bring your bikinis but keep them for swimming away from the village - Fijians are modest and religious (there is a Roman Catholic and Methodist Church in the village and an excellent choir) and will be offended if scanty clothing is worn in public in their village. The villagers would welcome any second hand clothes that you bring for distribution among the less-advantaged there.


If you are on medicine ensure that you have enough supplies to cover the entire length of your stay at Nukusere. The nearest pharmacy is at Suva - 90 minutes by water taxi and a further 30 minutes from Navua to the city of Suva. Fijians usually practice traditional medicine for dealing with their own ailments.

There are no cockroaches or black ants at Nukusere... please be careful that you do not introduce them into the community. There are also no poisonous snakes on Viti Levu. There are mosquitos but the beds have netting so they are not a problem at night - it is recommended that you take some insect deterrent with you to Nukusere. There is a nurse stationed in the village.

The pure air and water at Nukusere Village is cleaner and fresher than anywhere in the western world. Water is tapped direct from the river springs and can be drunk without any danger.

Please read this important advice on health related issues in Fiji


All food is included in your package. Traditional food is prepared by the ladies of the village and is served in traditional Fijian style on a small cloth on the floor. You eat the food in traditional Fijian style with your hands from your plate after serving with spoons from a large pot or plate in the centre of the cloth (see image). The food served includes traditional foods like taro (a type of potato), dromo dromo (a large asparagus type vegetable), pineapple, guava, rice, meats, fish etc. Vegetarian meals can be catered for by prior arrangement with Sakiusa. Take this link to see a short movie of breakfast

Water and Electricity:

Each house at Nukusere boasts a clean long-drop toilet, water tapped directly from the river is purer than that you find bottled in stores and the cold community showers for washing hair etc are in the open. The nearby river is the best place to have a scintillating all over bath.... the cool and crystal clear mountain waters are pure magic on the skin once you get over the initial resistance of the cold. It is important to note that Fijian villagers are offended by bikinis or scant clothing worn in the village area - be safe and wear clothing that covers the knees and shoulders.

However, if you go out on a river adventure by yourselves go skinny dipping in the most private paradise on earth during your holidays in Fiji!

There is electricity in Nukusere - 240v from a generator which is switched on each day between 7pm and 10.30pm. All houses have power.


The village entertainment centres around ceremonial Kava drinking sessions in the community hall (seen right).


The village offers a range of activities - more at this link.

The villagers:

You will find that most of the villagers are inter-related in some way so be very careful not to inadvertently offend someone by speaking negatively about another villager who might be related to that person.


Nukusere is located in a natural, unspoilt environment and has many paths cris-crossing into the river banks that climb into the hills above. The village is just minutes from the junction of the two rivers, the Wainikoroilova and Wainitonuve. You can explore the surroundings unhindered, swim in the beautiful cool rivers, ride horses bareback or go and visit the amazing Wainuta waterfall which falls 30 metres to a beautiful swimming hole where a strong breeze generated by the falling water brushes across the water. 

There is no shortage of unique adventures for you to plan and enjoy. Remember to take your digital camera and lots of memory or film - even if it is just to capture the villagers at play, the rising mist in the morning, the incredibly bright night sky or full moon above or the sunsets... consider bringing a notebook computer so that you can keep downloading pictures. Some visitors have taken over 500 digital images on a three day stay! 


Practical gifts are always welcomed by the villagers and their children but are entirely optional and not expected. Simple things like a bag of balloons will bring large smiles to the faces of the village kids, a small bag of second hand clothes for the children and adults are a winner. There is absolutely no need to feel that you have to bring gifts - you are not expected to - but they would be appreciated.

Don't forget to bring 1kg of powdered Kava with you as a ceremonial gift to be given to the villagers on your arrival.


The experience of previous visitors to Nukusere is that your kids will have the best holiday of their lives. From the moment you arrive the natural friendliness and curiosity of the youngsters in the village will entertain and play with your children. It is highly likely you won't see them most of the time you are at Nukusere (or outside school hours). 


Theft is unheard of at Nukusere. Tourists visiting the village have had no problems despite leaving money and valuables openly visible to villagers. It is recommended that you do not flaunt your comparative wealth and keep money and valuables in your luggage in your house at Nukusere.

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