If you wish to arrange to stay at Nukusere for just part of your Fiji holidays we recommend that you stay at hotels on Viti Levu's coral coast - between the towns of Sigatoka and Suva. The hotel we have found to be the best value on this strip of Fiji coastland are: Warwick Hotel (upmarket) and Crusoes (economy).

See the map for location of Nukusere on Viti Levu

Transport to and from your hotel/airport to Navua town:

The transfers from Nadi International Airport to and from the hotel you are staying at are normally organised by your travel agency organising your Fiji holidays. We will organise, as part of the Nukusere adventure for Saimoni (Simon) Batibasaga, the Coral Coast's best tour guide and taxi driver, to collect you from your hotel and take you to the water taxis at Navua town. Saimoni has a large vehicle that will seat up to seven passengers - up to four with all their luggage. As a guide travel costs from the Warwick hotel to Navua town are F$60. There are regular inexpensive buses that run from Nadi, Sigatoka and Suva to Navua town (the cost per person on a bus from Nadi to Navua town is about F$10 or just a few dollars from Suva).

(Take this link for a mud map on how to get to the jetty at Navua Town).

Part two of your trip is by water taxi. Up to 8 people with baggage can fit on a single water taxi from Navua town for the 90 minute ride up the Navua river to Nukusere and return for a single fee of F$100.

Click on the image in the map below for satelite image of Nukusere's perfect location

If you are staying at Nukusere for you entire Fijian holiday Saimoni will pick you up at Nadi International Airport and take you to Navua and return you on the day of your departure - the travel costs from Nadi to Navua are about F$150. A less costly option is to get Fijian buses or the Coral Sun Coaches to take you to the Warwick and then get Simon to take you the rest of the way by taxi. (See the map)

Saimoni Batibasaga outside
Bavari Handicrafts

The water taxi:

This is the preferred transport to Nukusere from the coastal strip - although there is a four wheel drive unsealed road that can be used (turn off at Pacific Harbour). Both forms of transport take about 90 minutes. The water taxi leaves from the town of Navua. A return trip, which can carry up to eight passengers with all their luggage, costs just F$90 (about US$55). The water taxi to Nukusere is organised by Sakiusa who will be there to meet you when you arrive at the banks of the Navua river to catch the water taxi. (See mud map of water taxi base in Navua Town)

Remember to take 1kg of powdered Kava with you - as a traditional welcoming gift (cost about F$20). Saimoni will take you to a "grog shop" in Navua to buy the Kava.

You will probably get splashed by a fine spray at times during the Navua river trip from Navua up to Nukusere but it is likely that you won't notice this once you get into the river valleys where the banks rise high above you and beautiful waterfalls roll down rocky faces on either side of you. Fiji's natural beauty at its very best and a real adventure in its own right!

Image right: On the water taxi to the village.

Movie fame for Nukusere

The water taxi takes you right through the location selected by the producers of the latest Hollywood production of the film "Anaconda Part Two". The image left below is the waterfall central to this film.... This link will take you to an overview of the follow up Anaconda film shot in Fiji in 2003

Great waterfalls!

Site of Anaconda Part 2

Arriving at Nukusere:

You will most probably find some of Nukusere's villagers waiting for your arrival.

Sakiusa will take you to your house where you can settle in.

Not long after your arrival you will be invited to take part in the welcoming ceremony where the villagers get to meet you. There will be Kava and you will be seated alongside the village elders by way of welcome. Sakiusa will prompt you what to do - but expect a male spokesman to be asked to give a short speech (a few minutes is more than enough) on behalf of the group. This is a good time to present the village with the 1kg of powdered Kava.