working with is delighted to work with large and small bona-fide tour operators. It is important that tour operators familiarise their clients and themselves with the accommodation offered during adventure treks. The special packages offered at the link in the previous sentence also sets out the wide variety of adventure options available to your clients. We have recently established a homestay/diving package - please contact us with details of your diving group's requirements.

You can complete an enquiry form requesting further information about our treks and packages by completing the form at this link.

Commissions payable to agents:

There are NO commissions payable on village homestays - we recommend that you get clients to contact us direct.

For the treks and rafting adventures there is a 10% commission payable to agents. The minimum sized group to qualify under tour operator packages is six adults - tours leave when you decide. Payment for these bookings is to be made in full to our Fiji based travel agents, Island Travel Tours, at least two weeks in advance of the date the tour starts and there will be no refund on bookings cancelled within a week of that date. Once arrangements have been finalised agents take their commission out of the money before it is paid to Island Travel Tours. The form at this link is to be used for an initial enquiry for treks and/or rafting adventures - we will get back to you and advise costs and provide any other information that you might require.


Brochures: has a colourful brochure available to tour operators for distribution to their clients. (Front cover displayed right). The brochure is A4 size folded into three and full colour on both sides. If you would like us to send you some brochures for display, distribution and/or marketing purposes please email us with your address details and "Please send some brochures" in the subject line.

There is an option to request the brochure when completing the general enquiry form at this link.

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