1. Question: Will I be living with families who do not maintain a satisfactory level of hygiene?
    Answer: All Fijian hosts have been carefully selected by FijiBure.com and maintain excellent hygiene levels - in fact most Fijians fall into this category. In any event we suggest that you take out travel insurance if you are going to Fiji.
  2. Question: Do the houses have toilets, beds, sheets, pillows and showers?
    Answer: Yes. Except for those trekking across Viti Levu - on the four to seven day adventure walks (where you take your own sleeping bags), all homestays selected by FijiBure.com provide beds, mainly flush toilets and mainly cold showers. (It is warm in Fiji so cold showers are not such a problem!) In a couple of the villages like Rookwa and Galoa you might have to "shower" from a bucket of water.
  3. Question: Will I be accepted by the villagers outside the host family? 
    Yes. All villagers in participating FijiBure.com villages are fully informed and understand how your presence is helping them financially - you will make lots of friends.
  4. Question: Is there a lot of poverty in the villages?
    Answer: Yes. Poverty based on western standards - but there is plentiful food and a rich community based culture supporting even the most impoverished in the village. If wealth was based on community spirit the Fijians would be millionaires and we would be impoverished.
  5. Question: Are the villagers happy and friendly?
    Answer: Yes. In my many homestays I have never heard a domestic argument and always been welcomed with a happy smile. Fijians have a happy disposition - as often highlighted in ads promoting (foreign-owned) Fijian hotels. Your hosts speak excellent English.
  6. Question: Are the meals acceptable - do you cater for vegetarians?
    Answer: Yes and yes - the home grown meals are fresher and tastier than those meals served in most Fijian hotels and vegetarian dishes are available.
  7. Question: Can I help the village by donating something?
    Answer: You are not expected to do this - your accommodation costs and optional participation in activities is the win-win the villagers are looking for. If you would like to make a donation of some kind consider bringing some second hand clothes and shoes, toys, balls, balloons, paper or pens for the school children. You can also sponsor a Fijian child's education for a year for just US$150. Your hosts do not expect you to do this - but, if you want to help in any way, feel free to talk to them directly about it. By request we have established VOLUNTARY contributions by guests to village funds - more at this link.
  8. Question: Will my belongings be safe in the village?
    Answer: You are staying with native Fijians in their villages where we have had no confirmed or reported cases of theft, but theft CAN happen despite the shame that would befall the family of a thief in his own community - the greatest inbuilt deterrent. The mataqali (village elders) meet each week to discuss issues and if a villager in the community as much as makes a nuisance of himself to another villager he can bring shame on his family. If he/she stole from a village guest the impact would be immeasurable to that person as a member of the village community but it CAN happen - so be careful!
  9. Question: Can I take photographs?
    Answer: Yes - one of the greatest treasures I have of my past village homestays are my memories and I have albums full of photographs of people and places that I have visited over the years (as you would have seen or will see on this website).
  10. Questions: What are the costs of staying at a village?
    Answer: F$70 per day for adults; F$35 per child under 13; children under 5 free - and that includes all your meals. Some activities are extra.

    Email FijiBure.com for further clarification or questions