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1. Galoa Village - remote, small island paradise near Vanua Levu

2. The Village of Korovisilou - surfer's paradise

3. The Village of Malevu - central Yasawa Islands

4. The Village of Matacwalevu - top end of Yasawa Islands

5. The Village of Nadrau - gateway to history and murder of Thomas Baker  

6. The Village of Naiseuseu - Beqa Island - snorkelers's paradise

7. The Village of Namatakula - fisherman's paradise

8. The Village of Namuamua - near Nukusere

9. The Village of Naroro - and historic Tavuni Hill

10. The Village of Nukusere - near Namuamua

11. The Village of RaviRavi - home of fire walking

12. The Village of Rookwa - home of fire walking

13. The Village of Viseisei - where human settlement started in Fiji

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