The following activities are offered to guests staying at the village (your activities are organised by Tara and Lote - Matasi's teenage children):

The village tour:

Image right: Tara and Lote with their mother

On your arrival at Solevu your host, Matasi, who speaks excellent English, will present each person with a beautiful big shell. He will then take you to the community hall where you will be the guests of honour at a traditional "sevu sevu" welcoming ceremony. We suggest homestay guests to Solevu get one kilo of kava (costing about F$20 to F$30) before arrival - the shop at Solevu sells kava (but it is cheaper in Nadi). This kava is presented to the village Chief or mataqali at the sevu sevu - the Chief then gives you the "keys" to the village. In effect you have the Chief's blessing and have the honour of becoming a member of the village. After the sevu sevu Matasi will introduce you to villagers, show you the school, the community hall and the village green.

Time: about 1.5 hours

Free to guests.



The snorkeling near Solevu is exceptional - there is also the bay opposite Plantation Island resort. There are miles and miles of reefs to go and visit in some of the most beautiful settings in the world. You will need to bring your own snorkeling gear with you. You can snorkel around several nearby islands - some are just a few minutes by boat.

You can either go off and explore for free or, for a small fee, have a guide.

Cost F$25 per person for three hours with a guide .

Shell hunting:

There are miles of beaches at Solevu and they are all covered in thousands of shells of all types. You are guaranteed to find some beautiful specimens along the shoreline.

As the beaches around Solevu are so remote from the general tourist trade you have the best of the pickings at your finger tips!

Mat making

Join the village ladies making mats - it is quite a skill and something that you will be able to make good use of at other times!

Island walks:

You can take a walk up and down the hills that dominate Plantation Island. These walks can also take you to neighbouring villages and beautiful isolated beaches where you can just lie back and relax without anyone there to disturb you.

This is Fiji at its best - and its free!

Visit the local school:

The school is about 5 minutes from your host's house. It is one of the larger schools in a village with over 300 children.

If you are a school teacher you can sit in on a class for the day and see how education works "Fiji style".

There is no cost to join a class. Donations of books, note pads, pens and paper are always welcomed.

Island Hopping:

You can go island hopping in a small canoe. Canoes can be hired from the nearby Plantation Island resort.


Solevu is a fishing village - many villagers have fishing boats. You can join them on a ride out into the ocean and see how they fish.

Alternatively you can go to Plantation Island resort and go deep sea fishing on an organised outing in one of their boats

Scuba Diving:

Plantation Island resort take guests out scuba diving to a variety of beautiful locations. You can join the hotel guests on this activity.