Guide to travellers in selecting the village best suited to them

Recommended villages for singles, families the elderly etc...:

We have compiled these village summaries because this web site is enormous, comprehensive and informative.
These summaries will help you pick your spot - but all villages cater for all options listed and should not be discounted!

  • For families with young children and/or babies:
    We recommend the village of Namatakula or Korovisiliou.

  • For families with young or teenage children:
    We recommend the villages of Namuamua, Namatakula, Nukusere, Malevu , Rookwa or Korovisilou.

  • For women travelling alone (all ages):
    We recommend the villages of Namatakula, Namuamua, Naroro, Naiseuseu, Rookwa , Viseisei or Malevu

  • For men travelling alone:
    We recommend the villages of Nadrau, Korovisilou, Matacawalevu, Naroro, Galoa, Rookwa or Naiseuseu

  • For young couples wanting to spend time alone:
    We recommend the villages of  Namuamua, Naiseuseu, Nadrau, Nukusere or Malevu

  • For the elderly:
    We recommend the villages of Namatakula, Korovisilou, Naiseuseu, Rookwa, Viseisei or Naroro

  • For large groups (more than ten people):
    We recommend the villages of Namatakula, Nadrau, Rookwa or Malevu

Special interest (more at this link):

  • For great walks:
    Nadrau, Namuamua, Naroro, Korovisilou, Malevu, Matacawalevu, Rookwa , Nukusere or Naiseuseu

  • For the best beaches:
    Galoa, Malevu, Matacawalevu and Rookwa

  • For tiny islands:
    Galoa, Matacawelvu, Malevu, Rookwa or Naiseuseu

  • For special interests and adventures:
    Feeding the sharks: Galoa
    Deep sea diving: Naiseuseu or Rookwa
    History: Rookwa, Nadrau, Viseisei, or Naroro

  • For those who love snorkeling or swimming:
    Malevu, Matacawalevu, Rooka, Galoa, Naiseuseu or Namatakula

  • For complete isolation:
    Galoa, Nukusere or Malevu

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