Vuda - the site of Fiji's first village

Along a dirt track a short distance from the Presidential village of Viseisei lies the historical village of Vuda - extremely significant to the Fijian people.

Image right: Site of one of the first huts built in Fiji - click image to see foundations

It is here that the first human inhabitants settled the Fiji Islands, fabled to have arrived from the East African coast in the country now known as Tanganyika. More on this historic overlap can be seen at this link.

The main village compound is now cultivated and under crops while the land gently rising above this area remains untouched, nestling against the famous "fort" - a rocky outcrop that rises thirty metres and provides an excellent sanctuary from attack from unfriendly natives. The village of Vuda, where Fijian traditions, rites and cannibalism originated, has a killing rock... this large rock rises out of a paddock behind the natural rocky fort. The unfortunate victim, who would later be cannibalised, would be dragged onto the rock as a villager shouted out his crimes while the village community looked on to watch his very public execution

Image right: The original killing rock used 3500 years ago to kill human victims.

From those earliest times it was not a good idea to upset the Chief or the mategali (village elders).

The rocky fort has a natural narrow access point to its crest making it very easy to defend and almost impenetrable for any attacker who had nothing more than traditional weapons to defend himself with.'s guide at Viseisei, Miriama Tui, will take you around while describing the history of this remarkable village during your holidays in Fiji.

This is a fascinating historic tour costing homestay guests just F$25 per head.

Tony outside the village

The fort - site of Vuda

The village compound

The only entrance to
the fort

A natural cave

Bees - several hives here have
never been touched